We are located 316 5th Avenue on 32nd Street.

Juice Smoothie & Tea Inc, New York specializes in fresh squeezed juices and real fruit smoothies

Juice is squeezed with only the vegetables and fruits of your choice.  They are 100% natural and fresh.  We use best in class food processors to chop the vegetables and fruits. Combination of  Carrot, Apple, Beet and Orange used to be our #1 seller but of late, 'Sweet Green', which is mix of Kale, Spinach, Cucumber and Green Apple has taken over the honor.

Smoothies at Juice Smoothie & Tea Inc are made with soy liquid mix.  Mix has just enough sweetness and vanilla flavor to bring out the true flavors of the fruits we blend together.

All fruits are real and we do not use any syrup or concentrate juice or sweetners for that matter.  Strawberry and Banana smoothie is our #1 combination but Blueberry are close behind.  People want the anit-oxidant.  We also have meal replacement smoothies like multi-grains and protein smoothie, natural protein smoothie and many more.

We got great soups.  We have 12 different soups everyday with good selection of vegan/vegetarian soups.  Numerous customers have and still says our Lentil soup is the best.  It is our #1 soup.  Close behind is the Grill Chicken Corn Chowder which has chuncks of chicken.  All of our soups are healthy if not hearthy. 

Come check us out.  We are little 'hole-in-a-wall' store squeezed between big souvenier shop and pizza store on the corner of 5th Ave and 32nd St. 

Please call us at (212) 279-5444 for Delivery and Catering Services. 

Thank you and see you soon. 

Juice Smoothie and Tea Inc, Ny